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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Work, kids and professional degree

Juggling work, kids and a professional degree all at the same time can be taxing for both men and women alike. Imaging waking up to a day of work, classes, and care of children all at the same time! It is a time-consuming and tiresome life that can drain the energy out of anyone but working mothers do have a very hard time managing education, jobs and children at the same time. 

However, with the growing demands of the workplace, it has become imperative in invest in professional degrees to keep up with promotions and success at work. If a human resources manager with a simple AB degree invests in an MBA, she will be sure to climb up the career ladder faster and this is where professional degrees come in useful and practical. Although a professional degree also costs a great deal of money, sometimes companies may be willing to sponsor a worker who has shown good potential and has the talent to rise up the ladder. In such cases, companies may be willing to sponsor students so that they make a smart decision and retain talent by shelling out the money required to attain a professional degree. A professional degree is thus not always the cause of a hole in your wallet as sometimes companies may be generous enough to sponsor your professional degree.

A good tool for working mothers while pursuing their professional degree is the degree navigator. A degree navigator is simply a tool that helps you keep track of the courses you have completed, and the courses that you will need to take in the future in order to meet degree requirements and graduate successfully. The degree navigator lets the student know their current GPA and the program requirements they have completed so far. The degree navigator also informs the student how many courses are remaining to be completed. The degree navigator also gives you information on the number of completed credits and the number of credits remaining that need to be obtained by the student. The degree navigator is useful for a working mother as she may not be fully up to date on how many courses she has completed, the grades she has obtained and how many courses are remaining to be completed in order to acquire her professional degree. Thus, a degree navigator comes in very useful in helping a mother keep track of her courses and chart her progress throughout the program so that she does not run into any difficulty and has a smooth time sailing through the program without encountering any hiccups.

While pursuing a professional degree, it may also be a good idea to encourage your child as a working mother to start thinking about what sort of AB degree the child wants to pursue. Maybe she may want to pursue an AB degree in history or something as interesting as engineering or law. A mother can guide her child and set an example by putting education first by guiding them through their AB degree and their professional degree.


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